2020 Initiatives

2020 was a rough year for everyone. Despite all the uncertainty, LEAFE Community still managed to help others, do some good, and build new connections within the community. If we can do this much during a pandemic, just imagine what we can do when things are back to normal. 

          Solidarity March in Support of BLM & the Stonewall Riots         June 27, 2020

LEAFE Community attended and donated to the silent march led by Vegas Urban Pride in support of BLM and transgender equality. 

Las Vegas Review Journal

                          Convicted Success Podcast Launch                           July 29, 2020

In July, 2020 LEAFE Community started a podcast dedicated to women who have been incarcerated. Each week, we discuss hot topics including addiction, prison reform, and programming. We also interview women who have been incarcerated so that they can tell their stories, share their struggles, and offer advice to others who may be struggling.


            Vegas Urban Pride Annual Community Event               October 25, 2020

In October, LEAFE Community had the honor of attending the 2nd annual community event hosted by Vegas Urban Pride. As vendors, we were able to join other organizations and businesses, in providing outreach and resources to the community. During the event, Vegas Urban Pride presented 25 families with groceries and tablets for school. We look forward to attending in 2021.

            LEAFE Community 1st Annual Coat & Sock Drive          November- December 2020

At LEAFE Community, we believe in giving back to our communities.  In 2020, we held our first coat and sock drive to help keep our communities warm during the winter. Out teams in Reno and Las Vegas worked nonstop collecting and sorting donations of gently used coats, socks, and other clothing items. In Las Vegas, we partnered with the Las Vegas Rescue Mission to disperse the 187 coats that were collected. In Reno, our team hit the streets to pass out over 250 donated items, along with food and hygiene packages.

                        A Christmas Blessing- Cards for Inmates                      October 25, 2020

For the holidays, LEAFE Community coordinated with multiple groups across the country and sent out over 200 Christmas cards to inmates in isolation because of COVID. Cards were sent to inmates in Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Washington, and Indiana. Before the cards were sent out, our directors wrote personal letters to each inmate.

              A Christmas Surprise- Balloons over NDOC             December 24,  2020

Thousands of balloons were released over the various NDOC facilities in Nevada simultaneously, to show love and support for the inmates this holiday season. Shout out to Nevada Strong! prison wives, and families for helping make this happen, and a big thank you to Nevada Department of Corrections for allowing us this opportunity.

                                                  Sylvia’s Mission                                                    December 24, 2020

Our Director of Programs, Sylvia Reyes, has brought one of her own traditions to the LEAFE Community family. Every year, she spends Christmas Eve with the homeless, giving out food and care packages. Our Reno team received a ton of donations including blankets, food packages, masks and other essential items that we distributed throughout various homeless camps as part of Sylvia’s Mission. 

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